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D Guard - 5

Specially designed for medical and health care applications, offices, public areas, etc. the D-Guard 5 combines a sleek and slim design with a high air volume to deliver high performance while minimizing its footprint.

D Breath - 7

This ceiling mounted, low pressure drop, low vibration unit is ideal for elevator and office/classroom applications.

Exhaust Handling Unit

This unit features several operation modes including indoor air circulation and negative pressure isolation combined with an antimicrobial HEPA filter to meet a variety of needs.

Clean Room Air

We offer a lineup of rugged Medical grade air purifiers for commercial, industrial and high traffic areas use.  Our Air Purifiers provide a layer of protection against air borne particles down to 0.3 microns with 99.9% particle removal efficiency including the Corona Virus COV-2 particles. This is achieved using HEPA filters with proprietary particle capture technology. Our filters are trusted by health care workers to ensure air cleanliness even in the most contaminated areas. Contact us to learn more about our filters and provide your customers and residents with the protection they deserve.


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