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These anti-microbial air purifiers are used to improve the indoor air quality by removing the odors, germs and killing viruses that regularly enter elevator cabins through the large amount and variety of people that pass through them. Their size and installation type also makes them ideal for small enclosed spaces that other larger air purifiers are not designed for.


Elevator Cabin

Elevator cabins in a variety of industries.


Our recommended products for this industry:

D Breath - 7

D Breath - 7

ETL Certified

This ceiling mounted, low pressure drop, low vibration unit is ideal for elevator and office/classroom applications.


  • Media type filter, no ozone production

  • HEPA H11 level filter, with potential cusomization for H13

  • Ceiling mounted, reduced airflow obstructions

  • Standalone equpiment: readily repositioned, dismantled, installed as needed

  • German EBM fan, excellent performance, long lifetime, low noise, and low power use

  • <0.6mm/s vibration

  • Various control methods: can be integrated into centralized group control system, or wall mounted panel