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These clean room grade anti-microbial air purifiers specially designed and developed to cater for the indoor air quality assurance in medical and healthcare center. The HEPA 13 filter is composed of advanced antimicrobial active substances and special designed fiber media. When bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms come into contact with the surface of the filter material, the active substances will inhibit and kill them to help reduce the spread of illness.


Medical & Dental

Hospitals, Medical Labs/Clinics, Surgery Centres, Dental Offices, etc.


Our recommended products for this industry:

D Guard - 5

Anti-Microbial Air Purifier D-Guard 5 

ETL Certified

Specially designed for medical and health center fever test stations, transfusion rooms, offices, nurse stations, public areas, emergency wards, neonatal rooms, pediatric wards, chemotherapy wards, burn units, etc. the D-Guard 5 combines a sleek and slim design with a high air volume to deliver high performance while minimizing its footprint.


  • High air volume

  • Sleek and slim design

  • The top front air outlet facilitates clean air released at head height for safe breathing

  • Mobile: casters attached to bottom of unit

Exhaust Handling Unit

Convertable Negative Pressure Unit

ETL Certified

Negative pressure isolation ward is defined as a ward with a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the ward. The pressure inside of the ward is lower than the outside pressure, therefore air inside the ward cannot escape to the outside. This design helps to prevent the contaminated air in the ward from escaping to the outside. 

When an indoor exhaust handling unit (EHU) is applied in a ward without exhaust system, part of the indoor contaminated air can be recirculated and absorbed to the purification unit, while part of the indoor contaminated air can be exhausted after purification to maintain the ward in a negative pressure condition. The indoor exhaust purification unit uses primary and HEPA filter to capture the dust particles carrying viruses and microbes.


  • Negative pressure applications

  • Multiple operating modes: indoor air recirculation and exhaust