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Ontario to Provide $50 Million to Schools to Improve IAQ and Ventilation

Back to School
Back to School

In the second installment of the province's Safe Return to Class Fund, $381 million in funding will be provided to school boards to support their reopening. $50 million of that fund will be allocated "for additional investments in portable HEPA filters and other immediate options to optimize air quality and ventilation in schools".

Safe Return To Class Second Installment Funding Breakdown
Safe Return To Class Second Installment Funding Breakdown

The graph above shows the relative amount of funding provided for each initiative. Of these initiatives, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Ventilation is one of the largest highlighting the importance of clean air for in-person education.

During the Winter where proper ventilation is not possible in a lot of school buildings, we recommend HEPA filters with high Coverage Area and Air Changes per Hour (ACH) to minimize the spread of COVID-19. A good air purifier can remove airborne bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and contaminants to keep students safe in an enclosed space like a classroom.

Contact us today to discuss air purifier options for your needs and volume/industry discounts for your needs.

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