D Breath - 7

D Breath - 7

ETL Certified

This ceiling mounted, low pressure drop, low vibration unit is ideal for elevator and office/classroom applications.


  • Media type filter, no ozone production

  • HEPA H11 level filter, with potential cusomization for H13

  • Ceiling mounted, reduced airflow obstructions

  • Standalone equpiment: readily repositioned, dismantled, installed as needed

  • German EBM fan, excellent performance, long lifetime, low noise, and low power use

  • <0.6mm/s vibration

  • Various control methods: can be integrated into centralized group control system, or wall mounted panel

Performance and Parameters

This unit combines 2 separate filters, a reliable German motor and convenient ceiling mounting to deliver clean air in applications where floor space is a premium like elevators, offices, and classrooms. Duct diameter of 250mm.

  • Aluminum frame with nylon mesh

  • Washable and reusable

  • Large particles (10μm and larger), fibers, and fur are caught increasing the effectiveness of the HEPA filter, and extending its life

HCHO Removal Filter
  • Utilizes HCHO removal filter with patented Decotec technology to absorb HCHO from the air and decompose it into air and water

Germicidal HEPA Filter
  • Utilizes patented Inactec technology with ionic silver technology to capture and sterilize tiny particles to prevent secondary contamination

  • HEPA H11 level filter, with potential customization for H13

Operation Conditions and Replacement

This unit is designed to operate at temperatures between 10ºC-45ºC and less than 90% relative humidity.

Applicable Industries

Based on this unit's performance and properties, it is best used applications related to the following industries:



Schools, childcare centres, lecture halls, etc.

Elevator Cabin

Elevator cabins in a variety of industries.

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