D Guard - 5

Anti-Microbial Air Purifier D-Guard 5 

Specially designed for medical and health center fever test station, transfusion room, office, nurse station, public area, emergency ward, neonatal room, pediatric ward, chemotherapy ward, burns unit, etc. the D-Guard 5 combines a sleek and slim design with a high air volume to deliver high performance while minimizing its footprint.


  • High air volume

  • Sleek and slim design

  • The top front air outlet facilitates clean air released at head height for safe breathing

  • Mobile: casters attached to bottom of unit

Performance and Parameters

Our D-Guard 5 is a medical grade anti-microbial air purifier specially designed and developed to cater for the indoor air quality assurance in medical and healthcare centres.

  • Aluminum frame with nylon mesh

  • Washable and reusable

  • Large particles (10μm and larger), fibers, and fur are caught increasing the effectiveness of the HEPA filter, and extending its life

Chemical Filter
  • Absorbs gaseuos contaminants like HCHO, benzine and TVOC

HEPA Filter with Silver-ions
  • Utilizes Argenzil silver ion sterlizing technology to filter out tiny particles as well as eliminate all kinds of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms

  • Removes up to 99.99% of particles 0.3μm and larger

Operation Conditions and Replacement

This unit is designed to operate at temperatures between 5ºC-40ºC and less than 90% relative humidity.

Applicable Industries

Based on this unit's performance and properties, it is best used applications related to the following industries:



Schools, childcare centres, lecture halls, etc.


Warehouses, Assembly Lines, Industrial Applications, etc.

Multi Units Residential

Multiple-Units Residential: Apartments, Condos, etc.

Retail & Commercial

Library, Commercial Businesses, Offices, Retail Stores, etc.

Fitness & Sports

Apartment Rec Centre, Gym, Sports Centre Etc.

Medical & Dental

Hospitals, Medical Labs/Clinics, Surgery Centres, Dental Offices, etc.


Restaurants, Banquet Halls and other entertaining areas

Senior Housing

Retirement Home, Long Term Care etc.

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