D Guard - 5

Anti-Microbial Air Purifier D-Guard 5 

ETL Certified

Specially designed for medical and health center fever test stations, transfusion rooms, offices, nurse stations, public areas, emergency wards, neonatal rooms, pediatric wards, chemotherapy wards, burn units, etc. the D-Guard 5 combines a sleek and slim design with a high air volume to deliver high performance while minimizing its footprint.


  • High air volume

  • Sleek and slim design

  • The top front air outlet facilitates clean air released at head height for safe breathing

  • Mobile: casters attached to bottom of unit

Performance and Parameters

Our D-Guard 5 is a medical grade anti-microbial air purifier specially designed and developed to cater for the indoor air quality assurance in medical and healthcare centres.

Dimensions (WxHxD (in))/Net Weight (lbs)
Power Supply
Power (W)
Noise Level (dB(A))
Air Volume (ft3/m)
Particulate Matter CADR (ft3/m)
Coverage Area (ft2)
Aerosol Removal Efficiency
D-Guard 5
40 x 62 x 7 / 188
120V 60Hz 1P
1076 @ 5ACH
  • Aluminum frame with nylon mesh

  • Washable and reusable

  • Large particles (10μm and larger), fibers, and fur are caught increasing the effectiveness of the HEPA filter, and extending its life

Chemical Filter
  • Absorbs gaseuos contaminants like HCHO, benzine and TVOC

HEPA Filter with Silver-ions
  • Utilizes Argenzil silver ion sterlizing technology to filter out tiny particles as well as eliminate all kinds of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms

  • Removes up to 99.99% of particles 0.3μm and larger

Operation Conditions and Replacement

This unit is designed to operate at temperatures between 5ºC-40ºC and less than 90% relative humidity.

Service Life
2 Weeks
Wash and dry before reuse
Chemical Filter
1 Year
HEPA Filter with Silver-ions
1 Year
Applicable Industries

Based on this unit's performance and properties, it is best used applications related to the following industries:



Schools, childcare centres, lecture halls, etc.


Warehouses, Assembly Lines, Industrial Applications, etc.

Multi Units Residential

Multiple-Units Residential: Apartments, Condos, etc.

Retail & Commercial

Library, Commercial Businesses, Offices, Retail Stores, etc.

Fitness & Sports

Apartment Rec Centre, Gym, Sports Centre Etc.

Medical & Dental

Hospitals, Medical Labs/Clinics, Surgery Centres, Dental Offices, etc.


Restaurants, Banquet Halls and other entertaining areas

Senior Housing

Retirement Home, Long Term Care etc.